prism Instrument - Platte mit farbigen, runden Magneten

Japanese Translation: 一つのアプリ

PRISM Instrument Apps

Wherever tablets are used in conversation, the PRISMTM Instrument App is available for PRISMTM assessments.

It is offered as an iOS/macOS and Android app with practical additional functions:

  • Discs are moved and placed with the fingertips.
  • The movements are acoustically amplified.
  • Discs can be labeled with text and photos. Notes can be posted.
  • PRISM sessions are recorded as images and measurements.
  • Sessions can be revisited and edited at a later time.
  • The data can be exported as Excel or PDF.

Please note: The PRISMTM Instrument Apps are no medical devices. The results of the PRISMTM assessments must be evaluated by professionals.

The PRISM Instrument App

The App is available both for IOS und Android devices. Annual subscribtion CHF 29.00/Year

Apple Store
Google Play


The  PRISM LITE Instrument App

Check the functionality of a digital PRISMTM Instrument with the  PRISMTM LITE App for free:

Apple Store
Google Play