prism Instrument - Platte mit farbigen, runden Magneten

The tool

The PRISM board, with its magnetic coloured disks, is at the heart of the PRISM method.

Japanese Translation: 一つのツール

Me, my life, my worries and resources

This tool is the point of reference for the PRISM operator and patient/client. Using the PRISM tool within the PRISM method, problems are visualised and, by working together, clarified. The attractive, neutral layout gives quick access to all cultures and ages. The sturdy design ensures good durability. The magnetic plastic disks are available in nine colours and one size. Depending on the application, two to nine discs are used.

Using the tool speeds up cognitive processes, which leads to clarification and finding solutions faster than usual.

Professor Stefan Büchi talks about PRISM

"The PRISM tool has two elements.

Its base is a board, which represents life, and a yellow spot on the board depicts the person within their life.

Then you get other coloured plastic disks which show the problems and critical issues on the board.

Comprehensive psychological research has shown that PRISM deepens therapeutic discussions. PRISM has established itself scientifically as the best tool to record psychological stress. Neurophysiological research has shown that working with PRISM activates the areas of the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex which are responsible for reasoning."

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