prism Instrument - Platte mit farbigen, runden Magneten

Talking therapies

" Working with PRISM helps patients put their feelings into words. I learn more about them more quickly than before. The clear visualisation quickly shows the relevance of problem areas."

Talking therapies

Thanks to PRISM, problems are simply and clearly communicated, and can be resolved quickly and effectively.

PRISM is very easy to use. The therapist presents the patient or respondent with a white board with coloured disks. She/he works with a validated questioning methodology. Patients or clients visualise their answers by placing the disks on the white board, positioning them, realigning them and commenting on their actions.

PRISM is based on the findings of modern brain research, psychology and behavioural science.

Documenting the PRISM process is very simple: the distances between the ‘self’ (yellow spot) and the disks are measured in centimetres and entered in the usual documentation.

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Japanese Translation: PRISM を使用する時期は? 会話療法